Merit 320 Power Chair

If you’re looking for something lightweight and easy to transport or get around, Merits P320 Junior is a great pick! The P320 Wheelchair is super easy to disassemble for transport or storage. The P320 Junior has a turning radius of 23” so it will not be difficult getting around tight places.


  • Easy assembly
  • Weighs only 135lbs
  • Easy removable lightweight battery pack
  • Fits in the trunk of most vehicles and FAA airplane compliant
Colour: red, or blue


Technical Specifications

Merit 320 Power Chair 
Weight Capacity 300LBS(137kgs)
Max Speed 4.5 mph(7.25kms)
Travel Range up to 12.5 miles(20kms)
Battery Charger 3A off-board
Battery Size 12V 22AH
Curb Climbing 1.5″
Controller Type Dynamic Shark 40A/PG VR2 40A

Grade Climbable

8 degrees
Ground Clearance 2.00″
Height Adjustable Seat 2.00″
Motor Type DC 24V, 120W
Seat Rotation Yes
Seat to Ground Height 18″-20″
Turning Radius 23″
Suspension Drive Wheel / Front Caster
Suspension No
Tire Type Flat free foam filled