Allure (HP6) Power Chair

The Heartway HP6 Allure power wheelchair uses an innovative design that is ideal for those with limited mobility. The Allure features a 6 wheel on the ground design that offers a smooth ride, low center of gravity, and small turning radius. The Allure also has a full suspension on the rear caster anti-tipper assembly.The Heartway HP6 Allure uses two powerful 450 watt motors and a 50 amp VSI controller. The Allure uses two 12V 50AH batteries and has a range up to 25 miles on a single charge. It weighs 213 lbs with batteries and can support up to 350lbs.The Allure features a 20″captains seat.


Technical Specifications

Allure (HP6)
Weight Capacity 213LBS(97kgs)
Drive Wheel 12.4″
Caster Wheels 5.5″
Anti Tip Wheels 8″
Max Speed 8MPH (13KPH)
Weight w/batteries 213lbs
Battery Range 25 miles(40km)
Largest avail Battery 50Ah
Charger Type 50Amp, Off Board 120/240volt, 50/60Hz
Length 43.5″
Width 24.5″
Standard Seat Depth 20″