MaxiComfort Cloud (PR510) Lift Chair

Golden Technologies is all about finding the perfect size for the perfect fit. The comfort and Maxi-Comfort Series comes in various colours and offer five sizes to comfortably fit people from 5’0″ to 6’8″ with weight capacities ranging from 300 to 375 lbs. Featuring a plush, seamed backrest with lumbar support, a soft, comfortable seat and our user-friendly “grip rite” arm design, the Comfort and Maxi-Comfort series is your ideal lift chair solution.


  • MaxiComfort Cloud SME (PR510SME)
  • MaxiComfort Cloud MLA (PR510MLA)

Special Features:

  • Featuring Patented Max-Comfort recline technology, the worlds only two motor power lift and recline chair with our adjustable active seat option.
  • MaxiComfort recline options include TV watching, Zero Gravity, Sleep, and Trendelenburg
  • Offering Autodrive with programmable memory settings (not Available on the M26)

Copper, Hazlenut, Sterling, Calypso, Shiraz

Product Specifications

MaxiComfort Cloud (PR510) SME MLA
Weight Capacity 375lbs 375lbs
Width 33.5″ 38″
Height 41″ 45″
Seat to Top Back 29″ 29″
Width Between Arms 18.5″ 20″
Seat Depth 19.5″ 21.5″
Floor to top of seat 19″ 20″
Back of seat to footrest (reclined) 43″ 44″
Floor to top of footrest (reclined) 23″ 24.5″
Heat and Massage YES YES
Footrest Extension Option NO NO
Straight Lift NO NO