Evolution Trillium 

The Trillium Series is the most comfortable walker on the market today.

With the new quilted padded seat cushion and wide back strap pad, users can sit in comfort and walk in style. The Trillium comes with an all-new cable-free braking system, allowing for effortless handle height adjustment and easy maintenance.

Chinatown Blue, Carbon Black, Pink 

Product Highlights:

  • Seat 1.5” quilted and padded seat cushion for extra comfort / Removable Seat Cushion
  • Brake System Cable-free / Easy to adjust and maintain
  • Collapsible Basket Foldable & removable
  • Wheels Lightweight 8” EVA tires / Offset rear forks for wider gait
  • Wide Back Strap Pad Extra wide for added comfort

Product Specifications

Trillium Series
Carrying Capacity (Reg and Mini) 300lbs (136kg)
Carrying Capacity (Tall) 350lbs (159kg)
Handle Height (Reg) 31.5″ – 34.5″
Handle Height (Tall) 34.5″ – 37.5″
Handle Height (Mini) 29″ – 32″
Width and Length 26″ x 25.5″
Seat Width 18″
Seat Height Reg (21″) Tall (24″) Mini (18″)
Weight 14lbs (6.35kg)