Brio Plus – Scooter

The Apex I-Brio Plus is the new lightweight and folding mobility from Apex Medical. This is a a strong and compact scooter able to travel at maximum speed 6,5 km/h (3.8mph). The compact design makes it ideal for using indoors, such as in shopping malls, as well as outdoors.

The Apex I-Brio Plus is a unique scooter that can be fold automatically by pressing a pedal with your foot. No need to bend down. It can be folded in one step only.


Product Specifications

Brio Plus
Product Weight 17.5-18.5lbs
Weight Capacity 330lbs
Seat Width 18-21″
Gait Width 17-20″
Base Width 23.5-26.5″
Base Length 26.5″
Seat to floor Heights 19″ or 21″
Handle Heights 31″ to 37.5″ w/long handle